Mar 17


What if I told you that your thoughts were essentially mapping out your life, would you go out of your way to change them? Would you be more conscious of the content and conversations you allowed to take in?

Over this last week I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of meditation and manifestations, and in all hippy essence, I am going to willing to admit that it has been a wildly enlightening journey thus far. It hasn’t been terribly hard, nor have I put hours of intentional time into these practices. As a matter of fact, I think I only lasted about 6 minutes in my first meditation session before my brain was buzzing with clouding thoughts. Nonetheless, though, I’ve been inspired to keep understanding the science of our own quiet and often unheard narratives, the ones that we play over and over within our minds. I’ve been focusing on simple affirmations, releasing limiting thoughts, and learning about my own emotional fingerprint.

As I was listening to Jim Ritche give one of his Launching Leader’s lectures, he talked about how we feed our thoughts and our narratives, and how repeated positive thoughts will always create repeated positive outcomes. Here are a few affirmations I was inspired by after listening to that lecture:

“I am strong, beautiful, free, independent.”
“I am uplifting, healing, hopeful
I am encouraging, kind, confident, and charitable.”
“I am worthy of happiness, respect, and success”
“I am a vessel of light and love”

I tend to wonder how many damaging or positive words we mindlessly listen to on a daily basis? Curious, I began doing an experiment in the car. Each time I heard negative lyrics or destructive words and phrases I would change the station or skip the song. I was amazed at the number of songs that contained poisonous lyrics about our self esteem, our relationships, our mental health, our attitudes, our integrity, our thought processes, and how we view the world.
Our thoughts are essentially the foods that fuel our actions.
So what thoughts are feeding yours?