Spring 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge

Apr 2

Last fall I participated in the minimalist clothing challenge called the 10×10, basically it’s 10 pieces of clothing that you wear for 10 days, shoes included (!!!) but things like pj’s, athletic wear, and accessories are not counted in. I hate to admit that when I tried the challenge for the first time I spent way too long trying to figure out everything I wanted to include and in the end I didn’t finish because the last two days I just wore whatever I wanted hahaha — not really how the challenge works.

Here’s the pieces I’ve chosen for the challenge:
1 — vintage natural linen tee
2 — ribbed talbots white sweater
3 — maroon vintage velvet blazer
4 — oversized ann taylor yellow sweater*
5 — oversized vintage raincoat*
6 — light wash lucky denim
7 — white the limited cropped pants*
8 — white keds slip on espadrilles
9 — leather vintage loafers

*this time I chose three pieces I loved and then built my tiny capsule wardrobe around it.

We’re smack dab in the middle of bi-polar spring, so our weather is a little all over the place, we’re expecting mid fifties and lows in the twenties,  (brrrr) lots of windstorms and even some spring showers. This vintage oversized jacket is perfect for layering and I’m pretty sure we’ve already hit best friend status.


I’ve added this versatile linen dress which I love! It’s an easy transition piece because I can wear tights with it on colder days and switch out the tights for my keds once it gets warmer. I seriously lived in this dress when I was pregnant. All of my pieces have been thrifted for this challenge — but I would seriously buy this brand new if I had to, it’s durable, comfortable, flattering, and light which is ideal for traveling / everything. These Lucky jeans are my favorite light wash pair that I own. I love sticking to lighter washes in spring because dark denim can still be so autumn. They’re slight high rise and I cut off the hems when I originally purchased them. My favorite thing in the world is pairing a dressy top with some lived in rugged jeans.

I added two really bright pieces: a yellow oversized sweater & a deep red oversized velvet blazer. I think capsules get labeled as “colorless” or “drab” and I wanted to make sure that with all the grey days in the forecast I had a way to brighten things up. I also have a ribbed sweater & a little linen tee in the mix as well.

I also have my shoes — which aren’t shown in this post —  but I chose a pair of loafers & my kick back keds. If we’re being honest loafers automatically make me feel like I’m a responsible adult — you the kind that go to the dry cleaners and always wash their face before bed — it’s true and they are always date ready which is a major plus. My keds on the other hand are my-go relaxed footwear and a personal favorite when I’m out running errands.

Once the 10×10 has wrapped up, I’ll be doing a recap post & showing you all the outfits from the challenge. Stay tuned!