Overcoming Self-Doubt


Apr 25


I would be lying to you if I said I was completely confident in running my own business. I think at some time or another whether you’re starting out on a certain path in life or still conquering the world with your empire, doubt tends to creep into our minds. Doubt comes in many forms and faces, whether they be fear, anxiety, perfectionism, second-guessing, self-depreciation, and the list could go on and on, I have come to realize that I need to be armed to fight off that doubt and have tried and true solutions for when doubt comes knocking at my door. Here are few of my favorite weapons of choice…


I can’t stress this one enough, when I’m doing really well, when I have an idea and I start running with it, I have to document that process. It helps to see that there was a time where I really believed in this idea, that I have the steps laid out.


I love reading about influencial, powerful, driven women. I love having strong women (& men) to look up to. I recently have been reading about Queen Victoria and it always is a huge motivation booster, seeing what one woman could accomplish with desire, drive, and dilligence.


Have a few people that you can reach out to if you’re struggling to find the purpose in what you’re doing. I have a few people, like my husband, that I can turn to when I start questioning a business decision or choice. I love getting his insight, even though it’s usually a completely view point, it helps me to see all sides of the puzzle. Avoid people who are going to discourage and distract you from your dream.


Somtimes the answer is to just walk away from your doubts and decisions for a few days. It helps to change your environment and mentally shift somethings around and focus on something else. A breath of fresh for yourself & your brain can help.


Other timesĀ  you just have to work away the doubt. Working when you don’t want to, shows yourself that you’re serious, and sometimes that can be the biggest confidence booster of them all.

*just remember

Doubt is totally a normal human function. When there becomes something with risk involved, our brain is trying to protect us from getting hurt, whether physically or mentally, and sometimes you just have to push your silly brain out of the way and give all you’ve got to your heart.