Aug 21

Tonight a sweet little old farmer named Winston stopped by our home, it was his seventh or eighth visit in just the last six days, to be honest I’ve completely lost count. In his lived blue jeans and checked shirts, Winston was known for surprising us on a whim. He’d pull up in his big blue old farm truck that matched is worn, yet bright eyes, leaving our family some of his famous fresh from the ground Idaho potatoes. My heart broke saying goodbye to that sweet ole friend of mine. I cried for a solid half hour once I closed the door behind me. It feels so silly typing that out, but it’s true. I cried, and just when I thought I was holding it together, I started crying some more. There is only one conclusion that I’ve been able to come to, the people here are just too good, too good for my own good. I have loved them from the moment we set foot here, but now more than ever.

Who would of guessed that we would have fallen so hard for a rural refuge in the heart of southern Idaho. It wasn’t the watercoloured sunsets along the sand dunes and silos that I would see out of my baby boy’s window each night before I put him to bed. It wasn’t the horses that ate and danced along the roadside, the calls of morning doves, or the fields that went on for miles and miles in hues of bright greens and golden honeysuckle yellows. It wasn’t the long gravel driveway that led to nowhere, or even the snowcapped Tetons that would be my companion for my early morning drives to our local grocery store.  These things make Idaho the gem state that she is, but what really defines her, is the beauty of her people. Their hearts are gold. Their love so pure. 

I have never met quite a group of people so kind, so so so kind, and so genuine. They take you in, they feed you, they clothe you, they care for you as if you were their own, because you are, you are theirs and they are yours, and you are family. Family that is bonded through the land, through the heart of what makes Idaho so good. 

We came feeling like misfits, and we will leave feeling like family. 

Tonight my heart broke, it broke into a thousand little pieces, floating off into the dusk sky like tiny dust particles dancing in the air after a harvest. Because the people here are just too good, too good for my own good, and I am a changed woman because of it.