colors on rotation — fashion week: fall/winter 2018

okay okay okay, so if you follow me on instagram you know that every monday i post my social media mood board, and if you have no idea what i’m talking about, basically it’s images saved from ig that i can’t get enough of, and yet are strikingly cohesive. i’ll notice that when scrolling through my pinterest or instagram there are often color stories, groups of a particular shade or even several paired hues that are almost subconsciously grabbing my attention. hence this new series on the blog acting as a notebook to all the colors i love.

as fall quickly approaches, i can honestly say that besides the hiking and changing leaves, the thing i anticipate the most are fashion shows dotting major cities around the global, creating an inspiring phenomenon, “fashion week” 

as the season started last week in copenhagen, i felt like starting this new series was perfect timing. each year, pantone releases a fashion color trends report of what we’ll be seeing on the runways, keep an eye out for their top neutrals being posted next week! but for now here is pantone’s top ten colors for fall winter 2018…

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