dear twenty five,

May 15

there is a wave of gratitude that washes over me that twenty four has slowly slipped away into the past. twenty four was the largest year of growth, trial, and beauty rising from the ashes. as scary it is for me, moving between the time that i mistakenly believe i will always have to the time i will never get back, i look back on my lifeĀ  with joy and gratitude. i have learned to become the woman i am today, one that has learned to dismiss self doubt (at least for the time being) and the one who for the first time in over a year has felt comfortable back in her own skin. i am the woman who always wants to be rooting herself in learning. i am the woman who wants to cultivate a romantic life filled with beauty in both the bliss and the heartbreak. i think at twenty five i see how trial can be beautiful. i’ve watched my marriage be the best it has ever been, a sentence that leaves me inhaling deep as if to savor every little particle. at twenty five i’ve missed the documenting, the creating, the sake of putting pen to paper, mostly due to my fear and the fear isn’t slowing down the clock, so here i am showing up and making myself present. i’ve set goals for myself at twenty five.

print more photos.
write more stories.
remove myself from my phone.
seek more personal revelation.
do what scares me.
be more conscious of the earth.
let selflessness be my guide.
love deeper.

this is my life, my beautiful, messy, tangible life. one enveloped in humor, light soaked walls, and pants covered with sticky hand prints, mothering in the way i know how. at twenty five i’m so aware to who i am as a person and yet, there is still so much room to grow. my journey i hope will continue for many years, but i don’t waste another second. so here i am showing up. and maybe that’s all i’ll be able to say that i did in this year of twenty five, show up, show up and participate in this beautiful collaboration we call life.