“Come, Follow Me” 2019

Mar 5

Being a Latter-day Saint, I love the opportunities presented to us to increase in our love and faith in Jesus Christ. This year, our church dismissed an hour of our regular church service and launched their new home-centered manual, “Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families”

The idea behind home-centered gospel learning? Improving our relationship with Christ, not just in the chapel, but in real life settings with our families, loved ones, people with whom we have strained relationships with and even strangers. To help us better understand the scriptures, find truth, prepare for and receive personal revelation, and having the unique opportunity to apply the scriptures to our everyday lives.

This year our focus is the New Testament, and I have been so grateful (!!!) I don’t read the Bible nearly as much as I’d like, and having this scared chance to learn about Christ in the New Testament, to build my foundation of faith on where his ministry was recorded has left me feeling nothing but sheer gratitude, and also humility. 

A few weeks ago, I read a dear friend of mine’s impressions on what she had studied (our worldwide church studies the same material each week together, creating the most dynamic unity I feel I shall ever be a part of) and with her promptings, my own inspirations and ideas came. I felt God testify to me that what she said was true, and my heart was filled. I still feel that warm tenderness when I think of what she had to say concerning the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to carve out a space here where I can share and document those things that I know to be true, the principles that I’m working on, and a place to record my thoughts, feelings, and impressions, and also a place to reflect. If you’d like to join along or are already studying, I love using the online platform as a means to read and study.   

As I start on this what feels like a very vulnerable journey of sharing my beliefs so openly, I hope you will be gentle with me, I hope you will be respectful of what I have to say, but more importantly, and above all else I hope it will inspire you to have deeper conversations with God, to ponder over your own scriptures, and I hope you will be able to feel God’s love for you in a more perfect light.