bucket list

I’m not here to overwhelm or set unrealistic expectations for myself or for you, just to simply state that the time is passing quickly and with more speed than we may ever be capable of understanding.

Time moves, ruthless and unrelenting, and even though there is no cut off for truly creating a life we love, I dare say I wish to start now instead of on my death bed. This list is meant to ground me, to move me, to encourage me to reshape my life in necessary ways so I can accomplish the type of life I wish to live. 


// Build a home 
// Watch my children grow and be physically present for major life events
// Build a studio on my property
// Travel to Japan and eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro
// Teach my babies all that I know about creating a fulfilling life
// Live abroad — I’m looking at you, England, Italy, and France.
// See John Mayer in concert (again)
// Have a tire swing in my back yard
// Go to the Bangkok, Thailand Latter-day Saint Temple 
// Stand on the TED stage and give a presentation on the artistry of our own identities
// Take a culinary class with my husband
// Learn to speak Italian 
// Purchase historic property with serious acreage (about 100+ please and thank you)
// Meet Russell M. Nelson
// Travel to Italy and eat at Osteria Francescana
// Style Airbnb’s in unique locations around the world
// Write and publish a book of my poems and have it ranked as a New York Times Best Seller 
// Learn film photography
// Kayak in the Adirondacks
// Create a cookbook with my mom
// Travel with my whole family to Germany for our family reunion
// Plan and plant a flower garden for my home (mainly roses and poppies) 
// Take my mom to the Netherlands and visit the birthplace of my grandmother and other key places from our ancestor’s life history
// Purchase an original Heather Day painting
// Learn to speak Dutch
// Attend a Max Richter performance
// Own a Scottish Deerhound
// Go on a mission for my church
// Visit Switzerland and take a train across the country
// Host a Farm to Table dinner
// Take my husband on a surprise trip for an anniversary
// Compile my family history
// Have more babies
// Make six figures running my own business
// Art direct workshops, events, and campaigns for creatives and brands around the globe
// Go sailing in Nantucket with my family
// Always have enough abundance to give back
// Successfully open and run my own independent creative agency 
// Travel frequently with my family
// Start a community garden
// Raise confident and kind children
// Learn to speak French
// Become friends with Jenna Coleman
// Eat at Blue Hill Farm
// Go solo hiking in Canada
// Take a patisserie class in France
// Learn to speak Italian
// Host and create a conference for inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs 
// Pay for my parent’s to see the Northern Lights
// Interview inspiring creatives about their process of becoming

The time keeps moving, and so the question I pose to you is what will you be, what will you have done, who will you have loved at the end of it?