Bre'an Angell's visionary approach on experience based design has led her to blossom as an art director and stylist specializing in brand identity and influence, mentoring, and impacting visuals for both print and digital; achieving her best work through content creation, editorials, event design, and interior design where her captivating signature aesthetic style of juxtaposition has been described as "genius" and a "pure gift".

There is raw beauty in the mess and mundane of life, and this is the center of who I am. I have realized something powerful: we sell ourselves and our dreams short when we follow trends, when we try to fit the mold the market may put us in, and when we sacrifice our sacred time with families and loved ones for the sake of one more follower on Instagram. I truly believe that our most vied successes occur when we are true to ourselves, our life stories, and the people who make up our communities that we surround ourselves with.

We are constantly in a state of becoming, and identity is the center of my life's work. Every person and place and song and book and experience will forever add a piece to who we are and what we can and will accomplish; and realizing that our greatest masterpiece -- which is our own lives -- could not have existed without them.

So here I am, living on a farm in New York, being a mother, growing my life in the roots of apple orchards. Living a life and creating a business that is more true to myself than it's every been, anchored in slowness, and helping others do the same.

I’m an artist with stars in my eyes and a fire in my soul for discovering the deepness that lies within each of us. With crayons in my hands, and dreams in my head, my childhood began with an inherit appreciation for art. Although originally from burning blacktops of California, my roots are planted deep in the rich farm dirt of New York; this contrast of living has been the sail to my diverse inspirations, and truth be told New York has been more of a home to me than anywhere else.

Growing up I threw myself into every art form that was available to me: painting, drawing, and photography, just to name a few. It wasn't until I was heavily involved in theater that I understood that both the science of design and the soul of artistry are needed not only to create impacting visuals and cohesive components, but that design and art work hand in hand to build a connection harbored in experience, between both the audience and the artists. As my fascination with different mediums continued to bloom, I dug into what it meant to embrace individual experience, through creating visual journals, large hanging installations, and mural size abstract paintings anchored in existentialism.

It was in the experimental age of blogging and digital platforms that I began photographing, directing,  designing, and documenting my own creative projects which soon evolved to working alongside other brands under the roles of designer, creative director, stylist, and mentor.